Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So, I'm sure any hope of maintaining readership on this blog is lost by my neglect to post consistently, but I figured we needed a little GOOD news after the last entry.

First of all, my cousin is doing fine.  He's recovering well any hasn't had any further setbacks.  On a similar note, my uncle recently had brain surgery, as well, and it at home recovering from that, but doing well, too.

And on the happiest note (which I can now officially say since some of the nerves have melted now that I've actually gotten to see our child), as I'm sure all of you know by now, Adam and I are expecting our first child in April.  The official due date is April 20th (as I've been saying, but have now had confirmed by the ultrasound and the doctor).  Also, much to the relief of most of the Kuesters (including us, actually), it is only ONE baby :).  We have not found out the gender, though we do plan to.  It was too early to tell, and even if it wasn't, Baby Kuester didn't want to uncross its legs...or do much cooperating with the doctor who was diligently trying to get measurements.  I think we may already have a stubborn one on our hands.  In any case, I've included the picture here.  It's not a great quality considering how clearly we saw it on the screen.  You could see the little hands and feet, the legs crossed, even the eyes and facial features.  This is a good enough reminder for me, for now...and it helps me to look at it when I get a little nervous or apprehensive...as sappy as that sounds...to be calm and smile.  Anyway, now that we don't have any secrets, I will, once again, attempt to do a better job of keeping this updated.  I figure that I better try to make it a habit before little Kuester comes along.  Thanks for praying for us and for all your support.  You guys mean a lot!