Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Adam is, once again, in Fort Worth traveling for work...and I'm left to my own devices.  It's kind of ironic that I have full access to the car and didn't feel like leaving the house.  That could have a lot to do with the fact that there are wind gusts of 70 mph and it has been raining all day (for the first time since we've been here).  Tomorrow will be a much busier day, though...and with Lacy getting her teeth cleaned, I'll be forced to leave the house.  Let's hope for better weather.  

We had a very full, busy weekend...but it was one of the better ones we've had here (in my opinion, anyway).  Friday evening we relaxed and watched Thursday night TV shows and went to bed somewhat early.  If I remember correctly, that was the night after I didn't sleep well on the previous one, and Adam and I were both exhausted.

Saturday we devoted to celebrating Colton's 5th birthday.  We spent a little time together relaxing and Wii playing in the morning and then kicked off festivities with lunch at Fosters Freeze, cake, and present opening.  Colton and I spent the afternoon making paper snowflakes while Jack napped and Adam devoted himself to designing paper airplanes.  That evening, we bundled up and went to Rosamond's Christmas parade, tree-lighting, and live nativity at Fosters.  It's funny to me that most of the community events seem to revolve around Fosters, but I guess the owners are life long Rosamond residents and took it in their hands to keep traditions alive.  We scarfed down some pizza after the parade, had hot chocolate, and realized the day slipped away from us and it was time to head home.  It really was one of the better birthday celebrations I've been to, though...and miraculously, both boys were very upbeat and well behaved for it all.

Sunday was church and Gather 45 (our sunday school before church).  Afterwards, we headed to Edwards and bought ourselves a Christmas tree.  I wasn't really anticipated having anything as big or pretty as we got...especially for the 25 dollars we paid for it, but I'm really glad to have it.  It adds a lot of warmth and beauty to our house.  I like just sitting in here and looking at it.  It is really pretty.  I spent most of the afternoon and some of this morning cutting out snowflakes, but it was worth it. 

And when my hands couldn't take anymore for the night (last night) Adam and I settled down to watch "The Polar Express."  He slept through a lot of it, but I cut him SOME slack since he was leaving in the morning for Texas (but not much.  He probably won't even admit I cut him any).

So, here we are.  Adam's not home until late Wednesday night.  Tomorrow, I'm taking Lacy to get her teeth cleaned (dogs are EXPENSIVE!), buying Adam's Christmas present, and seeing where the rest of the day takes me.  Wednesday will be devoted to doing a bit of cleaning, probably, and making some spinach artichoke dip for our Mid-Week Advent potluck and worship gather at church.  That seems like far away and I hope time flies.  He'll be gone for two weeks at the end of January.  I really hate when Adam's gone.  I'm grateful that he loves his job and for the awesome opportunities he gets through it, I'm just learning to suck it up...especially since Heidi's husband is gone for MONTHS at a time and she's surviving.  

And that's life in Rosamond.  I'm hoping we don't blow away and that the lights stay on...but for now, I'm gonna go cover up and stay warm.  

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is very hard to believe that it is already December.  Part of the reason it's difficult it is a lot different to be so close to Christmas and still have temperatures in the 70's.  Don't get me wrong, I like not freezing during the day, but the temperatures still get down to the 30's at night.  It is crazy to me that there can be such a difference in such short amounts of time. And while I'm not the biggest fan of snow, I admit that something other than constant sunshine might make it seem a little more festive :-p.  This is why I hung garland from our stairs and keep getting on Adam about buying a tree.  We may just get a real one this year and try our luck at discounted artificial trees after Christmas.  It is true that we won't even be here for Christmas...we'll be heading to Illinois on the 23rd...but having a tree would just add so much to to stark white cold house we live in...and give me somewhere to put the presents once they're wrapped.  

In other Holiday news, we had a good first California Thanksgiving.  We spent most of the day after we finished our homemade croissants (a two day process, I might add) at Heidi's with her family.  Heidi's mom and dad, sister and brother-in-law, two nieces, grandma, aunt, and aunt's grandson all came in from out of town for the festivities.  It was really nice to meet all of her family and to spend the holiday somewhere where, although we weren't related by blood, we felt at home, too.  There was TONS of delicious food, plenty of mischief, and good times had by all.

We also celebrated Colton's birthday at his "friend" party last Tuesday.  When I say we, I mean all of Colton's family and his friends from school, his neighborhood, and church.  Adam was actually at work, that day...but we'll be having Colton's "family" party this weekend.  It was a lot of fun, though.  We went bowling and then had cake at the nearest park.  A friend of our's from church and I decided we needed to bowl since we were at a bowling alley and ended up started our game during the 4th frame of the game the kids were bowling.  In the end, we finished 3 games (one of which I bowled a 150...and no, we didn't have bumpers...and yes, it was REAL bowling and not on the Wii :)) in the time it took them to finish their last 6 frames of the only game they played.  I guess you should never underestimate how slowly a ball can roll down a lane and how many times young children can manage to get a ball stick halfway down it.  

Since then, we got all our Christmas shopping done (thank you internet) which is awesome.  The silly part is that, although we only had ONE order from, it will be arriving in SEVEN different packages.  Oh well, I guess we got our shipping charges worth :-p.  I've also started an oil painting, though I'm waiting on the smaller brushes to get here to finish it.  Detail work is hard with big brushes on small canvases.  I've gotten a lot of cleaning done (I finished ALL the laundry, cleaned a bunch of bathrooms, have tried to keep the kitchen clean, etc.), but our vacuum finally stopped working.  We did, however, get a new one from Macy's for not much money out of pocket thanks to a giftcard we got from them from our Registry.  It's on it's way and will hopefully be a lot more reliable than this last one.  I also broke the Wii Fit back out.  I jumped right into things when I accidentally selected the 10 minute hula hoop game.  We'll see how the abs feel about that tomorrow.

Advent has been good to us, so far.  My mom sent us chocolate advent calendars, which made my day since we passed up on purchasing them ourselves only days beforehand.  Our church also has mid-week gatherings during advent where we have a potluck dinner and then a short worship service every Wednesday.  We had our first one last night.  It was really nice to see the people we generally see only on Sundays again during the week...and it was great to have so much yummy food.  It definitely won't help me in my effort not to eat so much, but that's the price of fellowship, right :-p?

Anyway, I'm gonna wrap this up for now.  I was killing time doing this while Adam was trying to get AT&T to fix the server problem that they claim is responsible for our unreliable, often interrupted internet signal.  I hope you've all enjoyed your Advent, so far.  Happy December.