Sunday, February 26, 2012

11 weeks later, I'm finally getting around to (i.e. feeling motivated to) post in our blog again.  I guess I haven't had too much to say.  The standard question I get is, "How are you feeling?"  My answer, though, is pretty boring and not really worth blogging about :-p.  I haven't had any of the dreaded pregnancy know...the heartburn, stretch marks, nausea, etc.  I almost feel guilty, sometimes, admitting that.  And sometimes, my answer includes, "I'm starting to get uncomfortable," but I often wonder if I really am or if I'm just saying that so that I feel more like I "fit in" and am not upsetting people :-p.  

To be honest, I LOVE feeling him move.  I admit, though, that every once in a while, he gives my ribs a good jab or moves in a funny way that "hurts."  It isn't that painful, though.  It's really more startling than anything.  I think this morning may have been the first time something he did actually hurt.  The level of pain was very minimal, but it definitely made my mind shift more towards the epidural side of things :-p.  

While we're on that topic, I've been fighting back and forth between having a natural birth and the epidural option.  I've heard pros and cons of both...but really a lot more pros on the epidural end of things.  Adam and I are signed up for a Lamaze class next month (March), so maybe that will seal the deal one way or the other.  Our next door neighbor had a baby in December.  Her husband told me that she was going to go natural until she heard the lady next door who had made that decision.  The agony she seemed to be in convinced Shelvy otherwise.  I think I might just embrace my inner wuss and go for the drugs.

In other news, Adam and I have decided to follow in our friends Paul and Bethany's footsteps and try out "Elimination Communication" (or EC) with our son.  It's kind of a hard concept to explain...especially since most people are skeptical at first (I admit that I was, but I'm pretty sold on it, now).  Here's a website with a very brief explanation.  It has a link to, too, which has more information.  We actually bought the book "Diaper Free Baby."  After both of us reading it, we're looking forward to seeing how it plays out with our little one.  Paul and Bethany's sons were both pooping on the potty before they were a year old, so we have hope personally knowing people it's worked for.  We're both looking forward to the possibility of less dirty diapers to deal with (especially Adam.)

A couple of my friends are throwing baby showers for us in the coming weeks.  I'm really excited to get things ready for Baby K. and honored that so many people want to celebrate him and help out with that.  It's also exciting that my best friend Kim has finally publicly announced her pregnancy.  It's been fun getting to relate to someone going through it at the same time (even though she's 18 weeks behind me).  Her being behind me though is also fun in the sense that I can now relate in the "been there" mindset instead of me just being naive and asking tons of questions :).  Regardless, I'm really excited for her.  I can't wait to find out if our son is going to acquire a default best friend or wife ;).

Since the last time I wrote, we had some friends come and help us get our nursery painted.  I can't wait to see it all pull together when we get the bedding and such.  I really like how the paint job turned out (see my photos on Facebook).  I'm really blessed to have such good people surrounding me here that would take time out of their lives to paint...something I doubt any of them were that terribly excited about :).  Thanks Alex, Jamie, Becky, and Michelle!  

Well, I think that's enough to tide you over for now.  I've been fighting a lot of emotions (I'm blaming them on the hormones)...some of which I've shared with some people...and some of which nobody and/or just Adam know about.  Right now, I'm feeling pretty excited to meet our son and fighting with patience and knowing that he needs a couple more months before he should come out.  It'll be interesting to see how much bigger and more uncomfortable I get.  

Anyway, as usual, thanks for all your support and encouragement.  It's easy to feel isolated when we live so far away from family, but I'm so grateful for the CA family we've acquired along the way, and all the love and support from friends and family both near and far.  I'm excited to share this adventure with all of you.