Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As I promised...a more blogworthy post, today. While it wasn't really a more eventful day, I'm in a better mood, and have more impressive things to post (including pictures). I did fail to mention, yesterday, that I finally had a conversation with Betty across the street...so now I officially know both next door neighbors and the across the street one.

My day consisted of not going back to sleep...so I'm quickly losing steam. Instead, Lacy and I ran. It was hard. I'm definitely not in shape and only made it about 1 3/4 miles before we were too pooped and sore to go on. Then I came back, iced my knee, as they say..."took some time to enjoy The View," and worked on thank yous. I also made some custard for our dessert of the evening. After a while, I set up Adam's computer and the new desk in the office. I also prepped some food for tonight's dinner throughout the day so I didn't have as much to do come dinner time. I had tuna for lunch....cleaned the office a bit....did more thank yous...and got to talk to Terri.

Then I made dinner:

Salmon with Spinach, Cream Cheese, and Herbs wrapped in Phyllo dough (which, by the way, is a pain in the butt to work with...but turned out pretty well), and glazed carrots.

Here's the custard we had for dessert. After dinner, we watched some Chuck...and laughed at the cat. How can this possibly be comfortable?

Adam went to work and did secret stuff.

The end.

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