Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's a very humbling experience...not having a job. I've realized, this weekend, that until I execute a way of channeling my work into a money earning venture, that anything I have, want, need, etc. that costs money will more than likely be provided by Adam's paycheck. I know it's a blessing...not having to work. I know there's a lot of women that wish that they could stay home while their husband goes to his job. I have no problem with the staying home part. I like being able to cook for him, make the place look nice, get things done that he can't while know. I haven't gotten lonely, yet, or run out of things to do. It's just a new concept for me to feel like it's not my say, anymore, whether or not something is worth getting. Don't get me wrong, I asked for Adam's opinion most of the time, anyway...but only because I hate shopping and spending money, and I generally feel guilty for doing so unless I have ample reason to believe and convince myself that it was justified. Let's just say that this Domestic Engineering thing is going to take a lot of getting used to.

Sorry for that non-traditional opening to today's post...but this is about life in California, and that's where I'm at for the moment. Today has been a long day, but probably because of the amount of things we've done this weekend. We made it to Sunday school...and early enough that I could change the backwards cut out "g" on the wall so that it wouldn't bug me for the entirety of today's lesson :-p. We got to talk to the people we'd met last week a bit more, and I get the phone numbers of several ladies in our class...and even an offer to pick me up to hang out sometime (we only have one car, and because of the distance it takes to get in to where Adam needs to go for work...and the complications with's not worth it for me to drop him off and pick him up for me to have the car.) It was baptism sunday at church, which was kind of neat to see because each person getting baptized gave their testimony before the actual baptism. There was everything to people being raised in Christian homes and just feeling like this was the right time to people that have, in the past several months of coming to church, come clean from doing drugs and gang activity and rejoined their families. It was pretty intense.

After church, we came home and ate lunch...and then planned our meals for the rest of the week in order to compile a shopping list. It should be a good week for dinner.

We went to the laundromat and did our laundry...and then our new friend Ryan delivered a desk for us that his family no longer now we at least have somewhere to START organizing the office space into. Thank you Ryan!

Adam went to the store after Ryan left. I made chicken for quesadillas and talked to my mom. Once Adam got home and the groceries were put away, we finished making and eating dinner, watched some Chuck, had some coffee...and that brings us to now...when I have to get off of here to clean up the kitchen. It's been an exhausting weekend...and to be perfectly honest...besides the feeling somewhat helpless and longing to contribute in an equivelant to money earning fashion to the good of our household...I am looking forward to not going anywhere this week.

Have a good one.

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  1. Well, since I haven't touched our blog since A was 10 months old, which was before you created your blog, the snub to your blog was not actually a snub at all. :) I have, however, been reading your blog faithfully, even if I haven't posted the link on my own blog yet... I'm playing this week and will be thinking about you during rehearsal. I love you and miss you!!!