Friday, July 3, 2009

Where the wind comes sweeping down the...desert?

It's really windy here...all the time. Not that that has anything to do with anything else. However, I did get a reality check when the delivery man that brought our bed said to me (after I mentioned how hot it was's a great ice breaker), "You just move here? Are you on the same side of the equator?" Put me in my place, I guess. Or something.

I don't have much to say...but because Ben implicitly challenge my diligence to keep the posts up to date, I decided to make good on that as long as possible.

Today consisted of waiting for our bed...and Adam going to the bank and the grocery store (oh...and watching too much Arrested Development....what? I told you we were a little addicted.) While waiting for the delivery truck, we had SEVERAL false alarms that thoroughly disturbed Lacy. There were kids outside playing, loud cars, the UPS man, a guy dropping off a package from the post office...and then, finally, th
e truck we were actually waiting for. And now to keep you from having to wait much of the new bed:

This is Adam...warming up the steamer on our new bed. Why, you may ask...because I told him we needed to steam the duvet cover for the first pictures so the newly laundered and assembled bed would look perfect. He was relieved when I changed my mind (of course, he told me he was only warming it up FOR me and I had to do it naturally, I said it looked fine :)).

This is detail of the headboard, which is often masked by the enormous decorative pillows (we had no idea how big Euro pillows were at the time we got them :)).

And there is storage...minimal storage, but still kinda cool.

Well, that's it for tonight. Our 4th Festivities will include going to the Fairgrounds for fireworks....and unlike the norm for the Midwest, there is absolutely no threat of cloud coverage, nor fear of it being too cold for comfort. Have a great night, and a great 4th of July. We miss you!

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