Thursday, December 27, 2012

Four months later, I have both a free moment and some motivation to do a quick post, in here.  This is our last night in Millstadt.  I always hate leaving because I don't like making people sad.  This time, it'll be both harder and easier for me than times in the past.  It will be hard because Max is so much more interactive, this time.  It's been really fun watching him interact with his uncles, aunt, and grandparents.  While he's still a momma's boy and very clear about what he wants when he wants it, he has also been much better about going to and spending time with other people than he was during our visit in October.  I have seen changes in him just since we arrived, last weekend, and I know he'll change a lot between now and our next visit.  

It's a bit easier leaving, this time, for a couple reasons, though.  The first and foremost being that Max's grandparents will both be working, so we won't have to leave as many people at once.  They said their goodbyes this evening when we put Max down for bed.  Secondly, we aren't going back to California from here, so there's still much too look forward to.  I'm excited to get to watch Max with his Childers family uncles and grandma and enjoying the same kind of interaction he's had with the Kuester side.  My brothers have both had minimal time with Max (Jon has only met him once on our whirlwind trip to Target on the way down here last weekend), so it'll be nice for them to both get some quality time with him.  My family postponed most of their Christmas festivities, too, so that we could celebrate together, so I'm looking forward to that, too.  

But, even with all that there is to look forward to, goodbyes are never easy, for me.  I'm grateful to have another week in Illinois to ease the pain of this farewell.  I always love the time we have with family...both sides of it.  We have cherished each moment we've spent in this past week and look forward to our next visit.  Thanks for everything, Kuesters and Yates.  We love you.

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