Friday, July 24, 2009

At work today...Adam got to go to the Global Hawk hanger. It was cool.

I went with Heidi to get my hair cut. Here's the results.



I decided I like it...but I almost wish it was shorter. However, it's hot here, so it probably wouldn't be good right now if I couldn't pull it as backwards as it sounds...we'll save shorter (if I still feel that way) for the winter when it's cooler and I wouldn't have to pull it back. Besides...when you consider how much hair I have (or don't have), I cut off a lot today, already.

After my haircut, Heidi, Jack, Colton, and I had a "picnic" outside the library, then went to their end of the summer reading party (which was really more just kids eating ice cream.) I got a library card...but didn't check out any books, this time. When I got back here, I played with Lacy, uploaded yet some more wedding pictures to Facebook...and made dinner. We had macaroni and cheese (of the Kraft variety), tuna salad sandwiches, and orange juice. Delicious, I know.

Adam was shocked to learn that I ate the whole half pound of salami this myself. But sometimes a girl has just gotta have her red meat ... or something. We enjoyed a glass of Moscato wine and some dark chocolate over some "Better Off Ted" and now we're getting ready to turn in for the night.

It wasn't quite as productive a day as I had hoped, but it was good spending time with friends. Hopefully we'll have our thank yous done and out by Monday...that's the goal anyway. I'm tired of them sitting here staring at me :-p. Tomorrow, I think we might go on a hunt for a kitchen table...since our slew of visitors (or something) starts next weekend. We'll see what we come up with. Otherwise...our visitors might just have to picnic on the floor like we often do (or eat out :)). Wo...we're both exhausted. While it hasn't been an incredibly busy somehow still managed to drain us.

Happy Birthday, Hayden...and Happy Friday to all. G'nite.

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