Friday, July 10, 2009

Let the weekend begin...

Don't worry...we've found a new show to watch. A new friend of our's from church suggested "Chuck" which I initially didn't want to watch because it looked like it could be a dumb sitcom...but it turns out it's a fairly good show...and Adam likes it, too. It's pretty addictive.

I met two households of neighbors, today...though I think the original will be the ones I get closest to. I met Betty, across the street, and her daughter Mica. Betty said..."Let me take this phone call and I'll be right over." She never came. I hope they enjoyed the cookies...and maybe she'll come another time. We also went next door together to meet Harry. Adam had met him before, but he didn't remember Adam's name (he thought it was Ryan) so it didn't hurt that he got another introduction. It was 7ish, and Harry was on his way to he kept it short. Therefore, we decided to go to the OTHER next door so Adam could meet the neighbors there. They invited us in for a bit, but we didn't want to intrude (they were also babysitting 4 kids other than their own...and John (the husband) was on his way to bed, too, to get a nap before going to job number two out at the base. Adam asked about John's job, which I had gotten wrong in my relay...which lent the perfect opportunity to admit that I had also gotten Marie's name wrong previously. Adam thought it was a bad idea to tell her that, but she was cool and I thought it was a good enough ice breaker. I think they'll be nice to know.

It's been a longish week, but I'm starting to get the hang of this staying home thing. It'll be nice to get out of the house for a bit, tomorrow, though I'm not sure how excited I am about how far we're going. Adam's decided that, especially since I haven't left the house all week, that we're driving to Macy's...which is about an hour and a half away. Oh well, it'll be good for me, I guess. It'll make staying home more appealing :-p. I did make a pretty good meal, tonight, though (rice and lemon pepper chicken from scratch...Adam made the broccoli)...and I didn't fail with the cookies today. I used the parchment paper, too, worked well.

That's about all I've got for now. Adam's turn:

Well, work was cool. I read about half of a book called modal analysis or modal testing. It was pretty good and I'd give it a recommend. Then I met a guy from U of I who graduated a couple years ago who was in DBF. That was cool. I got a bunch of paperwork done, and I might even get to use a computer on Monday. Happy weekend. We're off exploring southern California in search of a Kitchenaid mixer tomorrow.

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