Friday, July 17, 2009

So, what does one do on a 108 degree day where there is a mandatory "brown out" (we were supposed to severely limit our power usage for a four hour time slot)? Clean the garage that is, obviously, not air conditioned. It actually wasn't too hot...and I was tired of it looking like this:

So that was before...boxes everywhere. Some of them were half full or only had one thing in them, and they were all spread out making it look a lot more cluttered than it was...and making getting to the car an effort in itself. So...a couple hours or so now looks like this:'s safe to say that I'm proud of myself :). I also brought in a few more pieces of furniture...and made the place look/feel a little more lived in. The kitchen, however, is kind of unorganized at the moment....but we'll leave that for another day.

And a side note to anyone who thinks dogs/cat are NOT comparable to having children...perhaps you might be able to explain to me why there are toys scattered all over the house in places I definitely didn't put them :).

One more note so as not to disappoint the loyal readers...we had chicken quesadillas...with store bought tortillas, frozen chicken, and store brand shredded cheese :).

Have a good night.

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