Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time for a quick update.  I had my doctor's appointment today...and have pretty much nothing to report :-p.  The end.

Just kidding...about the "the end" part, anyway.  I went to my appointment today expecting that they'd at least check to see if I'm dilated, and possibly even schedule an induction considering they said I was due this Saturday.  Neither happened.  The doctor said that they don't usually start checking to see if you're dilated until after your due date.  Then he asked me what mine was.  I told him that I didn't really know.  I said that I thought it was the 20th, but was told last week that it was the 14th.  He was confused as to why it would've changed when it was less than 6 days difference.  Then he saw that the original date written down was the 21st (which was the date not accounting for the leap year) and since that's 7 days difference, they changed it.  But ultimately, he said because of the confusion, nobody really knows.  Gotta love when the doctor is as confused as you are. That's fine, except it somewhat complicates the schedule of things as far as when they check, schedule induction, etc.  

So basically, since it could be this weekend and could be next weekend, we're somewhat splitting the difference.  If he's not here by next Wednesday, I'm doing a non-stress test followed by a doctor's visit where they will check me and then schedule an induction (though I have no idea for when).  My mom is convinced he's coming on his own (which I hope is the case, as I'd rather not be induced).  She's kinda glad I don't have any labor signs because she wants to be here when it happens.  I'm kinda convinced he might need a little coaxing, but we'll see what happens, I guess.  

Anyway, it's still a waiting game...with no definite end point other than he'll be here before May :-p.  I guess I'll just have to keep walking a lot and hope I walk him out :-p.

More Wednesday (but hopefully before that).

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