Friday, May 4, 2012

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since Adam and I headed into the hospital to begin the process of welcoming this little guy into our lives.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone, but it's also hard to think about how I filled the days without him.  It's still so surreal to me that I'm a mom.  It's come pretty easy and naturally to me (we'll see if that's still the case once he does more), but somehow, I can't believe that he's ours.  

In the past couple days, Max has been awake and alert more than in the past.  Granted, he still sleeps a TON, but it is nice to see his eyes open, every now and then.  I think he's starting to look a little more like his dad, now, too.  He doesn't really say much either way, but I'm pretty sure that Adam likes hearing that :).  

We've had a lot of visitors, and more coming today, since Max arrived.  I have to admit that I like people coming to me (well, who are we kidding...they're here to see Max :)).  It'll be nice when we're able to venture out of the house a bit more, but I think taking it easy has been for the best.  Adam and I decided that we'd stick around the house as much as possible at least until Max's 2 week checkup (Monday).  I'm also trying to take it easy so I don't have any fall backs on my recovery.  It's hard, especially now that Adam's back at work, not to want to try to get a bunch of stuff accomplished.  However, somehow nursing and changing diapers takes up a good chunk of the day and the majority of my energy.  I guess that's nature's way of making new moms relax.  I am looking forward to being a little more active, though.  I've missed walking with Kim and Becky and am anxious to get rid of the last 8 pounds or so of pregnancy weight I've acquired. 

We had a busy week, last week.  We had some newborn pictures taken by Susie Sincock at Catchlight Photography.  We also brought him in to the thrift shop on base and had him baptized all in the same day.  Since then, we've slowed down a bit.  We went on our first long road trip with Adam to bring my mom to the airport, Tuesday, and we've stayed home other than that since then.  Like I said, while it doesn't sound like much, eating, sleeping, and pooping take up most of our day :).

All in all, parenthood has been fun.  I think it's brought Adam and I closer together, made us appreciate the little things more, and helped us to cherish moments.  I am sort of nervous about how life is going to play out when "real life" kicks back in.  I like spending time at home with Max, and right now, we have no set schedule, so art lessons and things of that nature are sure to prove interesting.  I'm sure everyone involved will understand, but we'll see how life plays out when we come to that, I guess.

Thank you to everyone that's showered us with support, gifts, dinner, and company.  I am beyond appreciative for all of you (and your food was/is delicious :)).  We can't wait to bring Max into our world so more of you can meet him and be blessed by him.  

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  1. glad you are loving your time with your new little man! sounds like you are settling in pretty well =) Congrats!
    Jenna & Dan
    ps. love the name max too