Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another slightly unproductive day of home life for me. I spent most of the day frustrated with my computer. As lame as it sounds, I shamelessly admit that I was trying to get last night's season finale of The Bachlorette to load. For most of the time, I thought there was something wrong with my computer or brower or something...and spend a lot of time and effort trying to resolve that...only to find out it was moreso that too many other people must have been trying to watch and overloaded the server. The View worked fine, though...so I killed some time with that. I also realized that we were planning on having leftover roast beef for dinner...but had nothing to put it on...so naturally, I made some hoagie rolls from scratch. They turned out a little more dense than rolls we've bought in the bakery, but they were good. Other than doing the dishes from that...and indulging my horrible addiction to beating Lynn Fiscella and my brother on Bejeweled Blitz...my day was fairly uneventful an 'relaxing'. Tomorrow, I will have my first babysitting experience since we've moved. I feel somewhat honored to be able to do this since it's a compliment to have someone trust you with their children after just over a month or so of knowing them. I have spent more time with them recently, though. It should be fun.

I think I forgot to mention...the marriage license safely arrived home a week or so (i think) ago. I didn't want you to lose any more sleep wondering.

Life in California is still a lot different than Illinois, and possibly a lot different than I expected. We still have yet to get a kitchen table and eat most of our meals leaning against the couch in the living room. Two of our four bedrooms (though we use one as an office) haven't been touched much since we moved in and the doors stay closed to save on air conditioning. I think, when I have some more time...I'm going to try and put my drawing table back together so I can get some emotion out in drawing...though that'll be interesting since I wasn't there when it was taken apart, and Adam wasn't even the one who did it. Nothing like a good challenge, though, right? We've started getting more invites to do things...the Christening Sunday, hanging out with the Lucas', dinner at their house tomorrow, lunch with some girls, Disneyland...etc. It's nice to be thought of, but I think it's been good to have so much time to ourselves, too. It'll be good to have those options, though. Our neighborhood is literally only two streets. I'm not really used to that concept. Granted, my house last year was kind of in the middle of nowhere...and it wasn't really a "neighborhood") We've met all the immediate neighbors, but haven't really made any strong connections with any of them. I've done a lot more baking and cooking than I ever had...and it's been fun. It's a good way to feel productive...and to raise the A/C bill :). The dog and cat seem to finally be settling in a bit...though the cat seems to get crazier every day. He was literally chasing the dog, the other day. We have yet to have a day since the first week or so that the high has been below 100. I hear it'll cool off soon (like, the end of August, probably), but hearing about how there's been times that the temperature didn't get BELOW three degrees at NIGHT is a little daunting. So far, we've been fortunate enough to be able to have the windows open at night, and only have run the A/C for two or three hours a day (though we keep it on 84 or 85 most of the time...trust me, it feels good compared to outside.)

I think that's a sufficient glimsp for now. I miss talking to everyone and seeing people on a regular basis. I've actually kinda been in an introspective, introverted mood the past couple days (weird, I know) and haven't been much in the loop...but I usually am up for a Facebook Chat, text message, email, or phone call...so feel free to drop me/us a line. Thanks for keeping up with us this far...and stay tuned. Peace out.

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  1. The Bachelorette, I'm so disappointed in you. By the way last night's After the Final Rose was pretty good. :-) I wasn't a fan of her final pick, but they won me over last night. They looked cute and like they are really a good fit. Time will tell. Love you guys!!!