Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Better Early Than Never

We're both very tired, today, so I figured if I didn't do this now, it probably wouldn't happen. It's only 7:15 here, but I think we might turn in soon. That waking up early thing is catching up with us.

Adam says work was fun, today. That's all he said.

But he told me that he had a seminar on ethics, and then spent the afternoon talking to one of his supervisors about the things that he'll be working on. Must've had a lot to talk about since he didn't get home as early, today.

I promptly went back to sleep once Adam left, and slept until about 9:15...when his text message asking me if I ever went back to sleep woke me up. Then I watched the Michael Jackson memorial service and wrote some thank yous. I made it most of the way through without crying until his daughter spoke...and then I bawled for a good ten minutes. After calling my mom, I decided to get my mind off of things and watched the last season finale of Grey's Anatomy and put some shelf liners in...which of course made me cry more (the TV show, not the shelf liner). So, afterwards, I played Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook (don't start if you haven't, it's extremely addictive.) and then went outside to play fetch with my dog. Adam came home shortly afterwards with a pizza that he was given as a welcome gift at work...weird. We ate it and watched some Arrested Development. There's only 5 episodes left...what will we do with ourselves :-p.

To wrap up, here's some things I've learned, today:

-It's hard to organize a house when you have no furniture.
-Sonic booms are really really loud...but they apparently bother me more than the dog.
-I'm apparently allergic to grass...which sucks.

Have a great night. Peace out.

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