Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Development Arrested

This entry shares the name of the last episode of Arrested Development...which we finished this evening over leftover pizza and corn. Whatever shall we do with our lives, now (end sarcasm). It was a good show, but I can kinda see how they might have struggled to keep the story line going for much longer.

Today, I made cookies in an effort to meet the neighbors. It was pretty much disaster. I tried to use my grandma's recipe, but it called for oatmeal, and I didn't have any. I didn't figure it could do much harm just to leave it out. I was wrong. The cookies turned out so thin that I couldn't peel them off the cookie sheet. I ended up trying to save them by shoving them into ramekins and calling them tarts. I was going to put a picture of them on here, but Adam said "No. They don't look good...but they taste good.) I added some flour to the remaining cookie dough and somewhat salvaged them. They were more like chocolate chip wafers than cookies...but I figured that, if nothing else, the kids next door would eat them...and hey, I forgot their mom's name (in case I didn't mention, I thought it was Mattie, but it turns out that's their dog) so this lent a perfect opportunity to learn it again.

So I brought the cookies over, but she didn't answer this time. It was her brother, who I thought was her husband and was quickly corrected. His name is Chris...and luckily, he told me her name, too...which I don't remember (I stink at this.). Perhaps I'll make some better cookies sometime and meet her again.

Tomorrow I plan on making some cinnamon bread in an effort to meet Harry Moore (the other neighbor that Adam met.) Hopefully that goes better. Something good DID come out of this innovative new way to soften butter. I cut it in pieces and put it outside in the bowl for a few minutes. See...there ARE perks to living in the desert :).

Adam's turn....

I went to work and they sent me to watch a meeting... Then I came home.

Well the meeting was kinda neat. It lasted from 8-4 and there was only one stretch after lunch where I was falling asleep, but I did get to push the page down button for the slide show. It was funny because I asked, "How do I know when to go to the next slide?" Some people laughed and said, "When he says, 'Next slide.'" Yeah, it was one of those moments, BUT he only said that about half the time. The other times I had to pay attention for the pauses in between slides followed by the next slide's number. I think I did a darn good job. Man, I had a funny story about the word definitize, but it is an actual word. Darnnit. The same thing happened to me with the word educe last summer.

There were test pilots there too. They probably do more studying than Top Gun would lead you to believe, but Top Gun wasn't about test pilots so maybe that isn't any good. Well, they were taller than Tom Cruise anyway. They knew a lot of stuff. Most of the people there knew a lot. I didn't though!

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  1. Glad to hear that living in the desert has it's perks. I'd never have thought that softening butter in record time was one of them though.
    I have a pretty foolproof recipe for soft chocolate chip cookies that I'll send if you'd like it. Catch you in the blogosphere.