Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First of all...Lacy is TERRIFIED of bubble wrap. Adam forgot this small fact and popped some last night in our bedroom from our new noise machine...and she freaked out and needed a lot of convincing to even come back upstairs. On Lacy's behalf (and mine so I can keep my sanity around her) please keep this in mind and refrain from popping bubble wrap should you be around her. Thanks :).

Today was a better day for me mood wise. The past couple days I've been a little down and not in the mood to really be a people person, but today helped a bit. I got some of the moodiness out by cleaning up a bit around here. I vacuumed and cleaned up the kitchen and our bathroom. We had leftovers for dinner, (roast beef, baked beans, and salad), so that made things a little easier, too. I got to talk to my friend Crystal and she says she's gonna come visit. She's said that before, so we'll see if it happens (love ya, Crystal), but it would be really cool if she actually does. I also got a new high score in Bejeweled...and we all know how that can help the self-esteem. Heh. I also got to talk to Eli for a while...and while it hadn't been as long since I had talked to her, it's always nice when time allows for a good conversation.

Hell's Kitchen started...and it drove me crazy. I usually get drawn in after the first few episodes...but if I were to watch just the first one or two...I don't think I could handle watching it anymore. Adam thinks it's hilarious...but the chaos and immaturity is almost too much for me. We'll see if it gets better as time goes on. If nothing else, it's fun to watch it together...and it's nice for Adam to be able to talk to his family about it, 'cause they watch it, too.

We met Vicki, today. She's Harry Moore's wife. I'm glad I have her name down in writing, now, too...incase I forget :-p. She seems really nice and like the neighbor you should know because she has a handle on everything happening on the street and everyone who lives here. She said she'd come over and ask me to walk with her sometime in the evening and she can give me more of the lowdown about the neighborhood. She works at NASA on the base, so she's seen Adam coming to and fro. She knows the people that actually own our house, she can put a good word in for us, now (hopefully :)). I think she'll be fun to be friends with. I liked her.'s a late night for us. I made Adam crack down on his thank you notes so we can get them out, and Hell's Kitchen was two hours long this we're getting a late start on bedtime prep. Therefore, I'm going to wrap it up for the night. It's been a good day. I'm looking forward to another one, tomorrow. G'nite.

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